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MDGPS "business" cards or pathtag

Whenever I meet a beginning geocacher while out in the field I ask them if they are aware of MGS and I described the many great things our group does. I suggest that they check out our website. It occurred to me today after one of several such encounters that it would be really great to have some sort of flashy, official promotional item to steer people to our website. Perhaps it could be a business card with the URL... more »


Poker Run

Borrowing an idea from Chicago. A number of new caches were pre-setup for this event, with each containing a playing card/stamp in them. Each person was given a couple of hours with a goal to build the best 5 card hand for a showdown. They did this as part of a bigger event.


CAM Picnic activities

At large events there's usually some time when many attendees are sitting around waiting for things to happen: for example, raffles to be drawn, group photos and at the CAM picnic the coins and certificates to be handed out.

To streamline the 'official' parts of the CAM picnic a little and give more time for people to be caching nearby without missing out on important things, instead of calling out geo-names to the... more »


Align officers term with CAM

CAM is such a major force within the MGS and I have noticed that there are conflicts with leaving officers verses new officers. At times there has been criticism by the community during the CAM picnic directed at the current officers and they might have had nothing to do with those issues. I think it would be good to line up the officers term so the officers own CAM from start to finish. The term could run July 1 to June... more »


MGS Endowment

With a vision to the long term, create an MGS endowment investment fund whose purpose is to provide annual income to support recurring MGS yearly expenses. This can start small and be scaled up over time, for example, it could start as a fund to support the expense of running the summer and fall picnic each year, and once that goal was achieved, grow again to support a new routine expense.