CAM Picnic activities

At large events there's usually some time when many attendees are sitting around waiting for things to happen: for example, raffles to be drawn, group photos and at the CAM picnic the coins and certificates to be handed out.


To streamline the 'official' parts of the CAM picnic a little and give more time for people to be caching nearby without missing out on important things, instead of calling out geo-names to the group to collect coin/certificate, I suggest one person be in charge of giving them out - and that from the start of the picnic cachers can simply present themselves to the designated person and collect their coin/certificate with no calling out of names to the whole group.


Also, I'd like to see the group photo taken earlier, and the photo contest winners chosen earlier. By 2pm at the latest, perhaps as early as 1pm.


Idea No. 13